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ATD Fourth World Ireland

All Together in Dignity – ATD Fourth World is an international human-rights organisation that works through grass-roots projects in partnership with people living in poverty

Tel.: 01 855 81 91

Alliance Française

The aim of the Alliance Française in Dublin is to promote French culture, as well as to provide a space for intercultural exchanges between Ireland and the cultures of the French-speaking world. The branch has more than a century of history, but has existed in its current form for almost 60 years.

Alliance Française Dublin Website:
To find out more about the Alliance Française Network in Ireland, you can also visit our dedicated page.

BreizhEire Association

Breizheire is trying to gather the Bretons and all people who like Brittany on the “Emerald Isle” around cultural and linguistic activities in order to to stimulate the links at any level between our two Celtic countries. They organise different events and regular activities through the year all over Ireland


Dublin Accueil

Dublin Accueil aims to bring together French speakers, newly arrived or already resident in Ireland.

France Accueil Cork

France Accueil aims to inform and bring together the Francophone and Francophile community around various events.

Facebook: cliquez ici.

Galway Accueil

Email: galway
Facebook: Galway Accueil

Ireland-Britanny Association

The Ireland-Britanny Association aims at developing cultural, sport, touristic and economic relations between Ireland and the Britanny region.


Ireland Fund of France

French branch of the largest organisation supporting peace, culture and reconciliation in Ireland.


Published on 05/09/2018

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