French INRA and Irish UCD together within the Ireland’s first EJD

France and Ireland are working together with Ireland’s first European Joint Doctorate.

Last November 2015 the four-year long European Joint Doctorate (EJD) ‘REP-BIOTECH’ started. Ireland’s first EJD, this innovative training network (ITN) is constituted of five European universities and, outside the French institution INRA, academic and industry partners from all around the world (INRA is the equivalent in France of the Teagasc).
The European Doctorate in Biology and Technology of the Reproductive Health (REP-BIOTECH) aims at creating a research, training and academic programme in the interdisciplinary domain of reproductive health and fertility. Basic knowledge of mechanisms involved in mammalian fertilization and embryo development provides useful strategies to improve food quality (by implementation of efficient and secure animal reproductive technologies), human health (by contributing to the control of reproductive diseases and epidemiologic factors) and human and animal fertility (by identifying target molecules for successful conception or contraception). REP-BIOTECH is a PhD programme with the aim of training a new generation of creative, entrepreneurial and innovative Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs). ESRs must carry out independent research on a specific topic to be awarded a European Joint Degree from 5 European Universities (beneficiaries). The PhD project will be jointly supervised within a joint governance structure in which the beneficiaries as well as the partner organisations will be actively involved. The Doctorate programme will expose ESRs to different sectors and they will acquire a comprehensive set of transferable skills working in the specific research area relating to their doctoral thesis.
The strength of the partnership lies in being a multidisciplinary group (animal and human fertility, reproductive health and reproductive technologies) within the cooperation of 7 different European countries, the collaboration of Universities from Japan and United States and partners from the non-academic sector.
A European Joint Doctorate is a form of Innovative Training Network (ITN), a H2020 competitive scheme with the aim of strengthening and structuring initial and doctoral training of early-stage researchers.

Published on 17/05/2017

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