French-Irish collaboration on Sustainable Energies [fr]

Following the agreement signed between France and Ireland on sustainable development, it has been decided to elaborate on this type of action « forum » organized by our Irish partners. The 6th and 7th April 2016 the Energy Show takes place in Dublin. This show attracts an average of 4 000 people with numerous exhibitors, among whom are present the key French business players such as Schneider Electric, Veolia, etc.

During this event, several seminars and fora are held, two of them making inroads into a Franco-Irish collaboration. The first one, organized by the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI), involves the « sustainable Energy Communities ». After an introduction by Declan Meally (SEAI), which recalls the agreement signed between the SEAI agency and the Agence de Développement et de Maîtrise de l’Energie (ADEME), the two initiatives are presented, one Scottish and one French, which involves the Veolia group, requested by the services of the Embassy.

This presentation allows for the forward planning of the group’s actions, notably the R&D plan in France. Many other innovations and experiments are also explored here in Ireland, for a test run, that stem from the Parisian centre.

The second forum is a « brokerage event » on marine energy, also organised by SEAI, among businesses and public stakeholders, that specialised in R&D giving them an opportunity to present their competencies and services. The Science Attaché at the Embassy, Stéphane Aymard, presents a patchwork of the current French projects, the businesses involved, the R&D specialists, the clusters, the services offered by correspondence (co-supervised theses, support offered to candidates for European projects, the workings of the franco-irish network, established in October 2015).

The leader of the forum, Brendan Cahill (SEAI) highlights several advantages on the quality of Franco-Irish projects and the role played by the embassy in the preparation of new European projects. By way of example « innosup » a Horizon2020 project in which the Irish looked for partners, 4 French clusters joined this consortium on the advice of the embassy.

Published on 17/05/2017

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