French-Irish relation at the heart of 1916 commemorations [fr]

"Paris: Capital of Irish Culture"
A look back on the joint conference organised in Dublin, on the occasion of 1916 commemorations.

As this year of commemorations of 1916 is unfolding, the French-Irish relation was at the heart of a double conference organised in the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris in September, for the first part, and in Notre-Dame University in Dublin in October for the second part.

Kevin Whelan - before the conference
Pierre Joannon & Kevin Whelan
(left to right) Kevin Whelan (ND Univ), Phyllis Gaffney (UCD), Tom O'Connor (Maynooth Univ), Justin Dolan Stover (Idaho State Univ)
Kevin Whelan (Notre-Dame University)
Green carpet for the conference

For three days, prominent speakers took turns to explore the longer-term influence of Paris on the evolution of Irish political and cultural thought and how this influence fed into the cultural energies that underpinned the 1916 Rising.
The documentary "1916: The Irish Rebellion", critically acclaimed, produced by Notre-Dame University and told by Liam Neeson and the guided tour of 1916 sites allowed to approach other aspects of the two countries - cultural, religious, literary, political, military and artistic.

This conference is organised by the Embassy of France in Ireland, the Embassy of Ireland in France, the O’Connell House Keough-Naughton Notre Dame Centre Dublin, the Irish Cultural Centre in Paris, the Jefferson & Michael Smurfit Monegasque Foundation.

Published on 03/01/2020

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