Galway Accueil opens a new French Section in the Library of Oranmore [fr]

Libraries are more than just a place for people to read and borrow books, they can also host workshops, exhibitions, courses and they have been a great way to get the various and diverse communities to be more engaged and build stronger relationships in an effort to create ‘social cohesion’.

Last Saturday, this concept was once more proven with the opening of a new French Section in the Library of Oranmore.


This is a welcome addition to Oranmore and Galway County which is also the home for few hundred French nationals and a great way for Francophiles and French learners and speakers to get more acquainted with classic and more recent literature from France and many other French speaking countries. They can too benefit from the diverse materials that reflect the accumulated wisdom of past and current generations or just simply brush up on their French.

Many libraries in the region have international section and a large number of French books have been recently donated in Galway (Galway City Library and NUIG) the Connacht area (Ballina, Castlebar, Oughterard) to complement the existing selection and more libraries in the province will soon also benefit from similar donations. The donations have come various institutions like the Dublin Alliance Française, twinned French towns and individuals and the prominent writer Michel Déon who alone, over 40 years gave more 12000 books. Those donated books now have a new lease of life
The Oranmore French section was initiated by Joanne Cahill from Galway Accueil who has worked tirelessly for the last few months with John Lawlor (Oranmore Library) and other volunteers to add a new space and gather books …and two of which written by Joanne’s grandfather.

Catherine Gallagher (Galway County Libraries) expressed her gratefulness for this initiative and emphasised on the developments invested to digitalise libraries with eBooks, eAudiobooks, online courses and resources and ensure that materials can be shared amongst libraries.

Overall, the objective is to encourage all ways to make libraries a place for people to develop their love of reading, foster a readiness and willingness for young people to learn and be curious and now to get French speakers not only to improve on their language skills but also to become more connected to French culture.
After all, learning French without its cultural framework in which it exists is like cooking a French dish without butter !

More libraries in the province will soon also benefit from similar donations.

Catherine Gagneux, French Honorary Consul Galway,Connacht

For more information or to donate French books, please contact
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Published on 14/02/2018

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