Glitch Festival of Digital Arts: Cécile Babiole

Glitch Festival is celebrating its 6th year and has grown into Ireland’s foremost digital arts festival.

Glitch Festival brings the best of digital arts practices to the fore. Glitch Festival brings leading media and technology artists, curators and artist groups together with audiences to draw out connections between art, culture and technology with the aim of fostering greater critical understanding and debate around artist’s interaction, investigation and intersection with technologies.

Air Corridor | Gallery 1

Cécile Baboile
13 May – 10 June

Air Corridor spotlights the air traffic that mostly goes unnoticed down here on the ground. This work detects and monitors aviation activity in the area above the gallery space. A video screen displays each detected flight number, altitude, speed, longitude and latitude for passing airliners. The sounds of airplanes blast directly into the gallery, hijacking the overhead planes, as it were, out of the surrounding air space and disrupting the art space.

This installation by one of France’s leading contemporary digital artists has been curated by EUCIDApartner, Valerie Perrin,. It is brought to Glitch in partnership with the French Embassy in Ireland and marks the long-standing support that the embassy has been to Rua Red and the development of the EUCIDA project since its inception.



Published on 26/05/2017

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