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This weekend saw the first ever edition of ConneXions, and with it the hackathon #HackYourCity! From Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, seven teams competed in a hackathon on “urban renewal and digital technology to shape tomorrow’s city”.

Check out our ConneXions 2017 video!

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a brainstorming marathon in which passionate dynamic people get together to solve #challenges in a short period of time. This what 24 hackers got up to at Richmond Barracks during ConneXions. Hackathons can cover every field, and so we had hackers from different age groups, nationalities and backgrounds.

Friday: feeding sessions

On the Friday, our teams were given some oral presentations by Richmond Barracks, Dublin City Council, Failte Ireland, AirBnb and Dublin’s Culutre Connects as well as some printed and digital documentation. It was their feeding session, useful for the three challenges our teams took on:
Getting beyond the main iconic attractions: How to extend tourism further into Dublin 8?
Creating links: How to engage the local community to see enterprise opportunities in Dublin 8?
Digital literacy: How to encourage young users to become engaged active digital makers?

Networking cocktail

On Friday, Richmond Barracks also hosted the third French Tech Dublin Community meet-up, a chance for our hackers to get to know each other around some food and drink during our networking cocktail. During this cocktail, teams were made. For more information on ConneXions 2017 click here

Saturday: hacking and mentoring

Our hackers arrived early on Saturday morning to begin working on the challenge of their choice. They were given helpful information by different mentors throughout the day. Their job was to guide our hackers through the challenges, from the use of data to how to pitch their final project on the Sunday morning.
How should I use the information that I was given? Now that I have a project idea, what I can I do to make it happen? What is an effiecient pitch? How do I get my ideas across in only five minutes? Our technical, policy, development and strategy mentors were there to answer all of these questions.
Our hackers were also welcome to our start-up market and roundtable sessions, some of which were relevant to the challenges. Check out the full list of start-up ehibitors here and the full list of round table topics and speakers here!

Sunday: project pitching

On Sunday morning our hackers arrived at 8:30 to finalise their projects, and at 11am our seven teams were allowed five minutes each to pitch their projects. And so our teams Tech 8, The Great 8, Rainmakers, The Riders, D8TE, Great 8 Challenge and 4 Seasons all picthed their projects to our jury composed by Senator Lynn Ruane, H.E. Stéphane Crouzat, ambassador of France, Mark Bonham from AirBnb, Greg Swift from Dublin City Council and Iseult Byrne from Dublin’s Culture Connects.

And the winners are...

After brunch and some hard decision making, our jury announced our three winners.
4 Seasons came third, with a festival based project – food and drink markets, performances by Dublin universities and colleges, four times a year with a different theme depending on the season.
D8te came second with a project on creativity and social media; their aim is to highlight Dublin 8 on the city maps, with the help of schools, youth clubs and social clubs. Using a webpage, D8te wants locals and visitors to compete with self-created content (photos, videos, artworks and blog entries) promoting the features of their very own district: Dublin 8.
Finally, our big winners of the day were The Great 8 who worked on the tourism challenge and put a lot of hard work into offering a structure that would bring tourism further into Dublin 8. The Great 8 want to bring tourism further into Dublin 8 in a fun, creative and accessible way through history and culture. They presented a very complete project, from potential partners to precise content, and convinced our jury to give them first place!

Our three teams went away with 500€, 750€ and 1250€ provided by Dublin City Council who also provided a business mentoring programme and a place on a start your own business course; as well as Dublin Passes provided by Failte Ireland, and three return flights to Paris as well as accomodation for our winning team provided by Transavia and Airbnb!

JPEG 4 Seasons and Greg Swift from Dublin City Council

JPEG D8TE, Senator Lynn Ruane and Mark Bonham from Airbnb

JPEG The Great 8 with H.E. Stéphane Crouzat, Greg Swift from Dublin City Council, Senator Lynn Ruane, Mark Bonham from Airbnb and Iseult Byrne from Dublin’s Culture Connect

Thanks again to everyone who came, and see you soon!

ConneXions is a forum organised by the Embassy of France in Ireland, Business France and the French Tech Dublin Community, in partnership with Dublin City Council, Institut français and Richmond Barracks, with the support of Airbnb, Alliance Française Dublin, Dublin.ie, Failte Ireland, Linkedin, Local Enterprise Office Dublin City, Smart Dublin, The Digital Hub and Transavia.


Published on 03/01/2020

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