Amazing Science exhibition

Since Friday 26th of July 2013, the Festival of Curiosity and the French Embassy in Ireland present AMAZING SCIENCE by Inserm and CEA for the first time in English.

Reinventing the first American Science Fiction Magazine, published in 1926, with twenty-first century science through a blend of creative writing, 1920’s shock graphics and pop-culture. In 1926, the first American science fiction magazine appeared, called Amazing Stories. Complete with shock graphics, colourful striking typography and mysterious prospects, the publication edited by Hugo Gernsback enchanted its readers with “scientific romances.” Almost a century later Inserm and CEA launched AMAZING SCIENCE, an exhibition that reinvents this twentieth century science fiction classic with science of the twenty-first century. Making bold use of the covers of these magazines the exhibition continues in the same adventure style as ‘Amazing Stories’. From the infinitely small to the infinitely large, the most advanced areas of science are now the realm of unexpected encounters with real and imaginary worlds, The Amazing Science exhibition blends twenty-first century science, creative writing and popular culture. Arousing astonishment, wonder, but sometimes fear, these encounters once again fuel the imagination and the thinking of an era.

As a legacy of the Festival of Curiosity 2013, the exhibition is available online in english thanks to Inserm virtual museum. To access it click here.


Published on 18/01/2016

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