Irish international cooperation: France, a privileged partner [fr]

The Irish higher education system is broadening its horizons. More and more international students are deciding to go to Ireland and more Irish students go abroad as part of their studies.

The Higher Education Authority (HEA), has published the latest figures about internationalisation of the Irish higher education system.


The Irish higher education system has become much more internationalised over the last few ears. In September 2014, 19,679 international students registered in an Irish higher education institution, versus 23,127 in September 2016, meaning a 17.5% increase.
In total, for the 2016-2017 academic year, 10.6% of the students in Ireland were international - for information, the proportion in France is 13%.
For universities, University College Dublin has the biggest number of enrolled international students: 4,298 out of 16,689 (25.75%).
For institutes of technology, Dublin Institute of Technology dominates the top ranking with 1,262 international students out of 4,201 (30% of the total).
The Royal College of Surgeons Ireland tops the poll of all other colleges with 2,041 international students out of 2,237 (i.e. 91%).
More and more international students are women: 58% of students registered as full-time and 60% of students registered as full-time.

Erasmus+ programme : France is on the roll!

Erasmus+ student mobility programmes have experienced a greater success in Ireland: 3,451 Irish students for 2016/2017 year went abroad versus 3,100 in 2014/2015, so a 11.31% increase in three years.
Regarding Erasmus+ grants for studies, France remains the favorite country for the Irish with 591 students going to France Regarding Erasmus+ grants for traineeship, France is ranked at the 4th position.
In the end, a total of 719 Irish students choose France, making it a number 1 destination.
And vice-versa, Ireland is one of the favorite country for French Erasmus+ students. 1576 French come to study in Ireland and 812 do an internship, which give a total of 2388. Resulting in France being the first Erasmus+ community represented in Ireland.


Published on 04/04/2019

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