Kilkenny Arts Festival 2008 presents La Compagnie Malabar


The 35th edition of the Kilkenny Arts Festival is delighted to welcome La Compagnie Malabar (France) to Kilkenny to perform their Hélios II show on Saturday 9th August. The show will start at 21.15 and make its way through the streets of Kilkenny.

JPEG A giant creature, Hélios, comes to the city to tell the story of the birth of the sun. Strange immortals, worshippers of the sun, builders of light, accompany this golden insect, all the while putting to flight the dark, the silence and the empty night. Swaying rhythmically through the streets, Hélios makes his way towards the most striking backdrop imaginable. At the stunning setting of Kilkenny Castle, using all the glory of his stature to bring his tale to the world, he evokes the construction of the sun, born ¬ according to legend ¬ of an egg created from chaos. As the story reaches its finale, at the dawn of a thousand setting suns, an explosion of light exposes the limits of the night in a supernatural blaze.

La Compagnie Malabar (France), world leaders in circus and street theatre, have been creating monuments of awe, pleasure and emotion, capturing the hearts and minds of citizens the world over, for 27 years. Come see them ignite Kilkenny Arts Festival 2008 with this thrilling spectacle.

Supported by the Cultural Service of the Embassy of France.

Kilkenny Arts Festival 8 - 17 August 2008
La Compagnie Malabar
Hélios II Street Theatre Performance
9th August 2008 at 9.15 pm
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Published on 18/08/2008

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