Let’s celebrate "La Chandeleur"!

What is La Chandeleur? We asked Grégory Autret from the French crêperie "Le Petit Breton" to tell us why crêpes are an essential part of French food.

Why do we celebrate La Chandeleur?

We celebrate "La Chandeleur" as it is a Christian day that celebrates the presentation of Jesus to the Temple. This particular day is celebrated 40 days after Christmas. We eat crêpes on this special day as the farmers were doing in the past to avoid their wheat to be bad the following year.

Can you give us the secret tip for making perfect Britanny-style crêpes?

The secret for making Brittany style crêpe is to use a lot of butter and milk ! To make sure the crêpes (sweet one) are the best one they also have to be as thin as possible. And of course choose the right flour. We use an organic flour exclusively milled with a flint millstone from "Moulin de la Fatigue" in Brittany.

With which drink can you pair crêpes with ? Cider or something else?

The best drink to pair the crêpes is of course Breton cider (Brut, dry or fruity) with my own preference for the Brut. It can be also nice with a delicious craft Irish beer or a craft Breton beer that we are proposing at the restaurant "Le Petit Breton" in Dublin.

What is Ireland’s favourite crêpe according to you (and your professional experience) ?

Our best seller savoury crêpe with our Irish clientele is " La Celtic". It’s a combination with Streaky smoky bacon, Goat cheese, caramelised onion and creme fraiche. For the sweet one it is the traditional Sugar and Lemon or the Nutella one.


Gregory Autret is the owner of the artisan crêperie "Le Petit Breton", located in Dublin. For more information, you can visit his website http://www.lepetitbreton.ie/

Published on 02/02/2018

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