La #FrenchTech au CES 2017

Rendez-vous incontournable pour tous les acteurs de l’électronique grand public, le Consumer Electronics Show se tenait à Las Vegas du 5 au 8 janvier 2017. Cette année encore, la France représentait la plus importante délégation d’Europe !


Digital economy – French Tech – Communiqué issued by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance

Paris, 6 January 2017

M. Michel Sapin, Minister of the Economy and Finance, and Mme Axelle Lemaire, Minister of State for the Digital Sector and Innovation, went to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to lend their support to the many French start-ups there and highlight France’s strength in terms of economic attractiveness.

For the past 50 years, CES, the annual hi-tech powwow, has brought together stakeholders in the digital world. Televisions, smartphones, tablets – all the major trends are showcased at the event, which draws in more than 200,000 people and is a rite of passage for all innovative start-ups seeking to familiarize people with their products and raise their profile.

This year, the Internet of Things is once again dominating CES. Toothbrushes, windows, combs, umbrellas – every object is set to be “connected”. French start-ups are playing a leading role in this sector : they form a very comprehensive ecosystem broadly covering the value chain of the Internet of Things, from connectivity to professional and mass-market connected objects, in many sectors : health (with BewellConnect, Yumii and Rcup), the home (with Netatmo and Myfox), energy and the environment (with Connit and e-lichens).

French Tech in the spotlight

For several years now, French start-ups have been present at CES in large numbers. This presence has been noticed and is contributing to French Tech’s profile in the United States and worldwide, thanks to the recognized quality of innovations with the French Tech label but also to the impact in the international media, which were there in force (more than 7,000 accredited journalists from all over the world – more than for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games).

Again this year, several French start-ups received CES innovation awards, for especially innovative products.

The presence of French Tech at CES 2017 in figures

• 275 companies and organizations exhibiting, including 233 start-ups. France has the third-largest presence in the world, after the United States (1,713) and China (1,307).

• In Eureka Park, the area dedicated to start-ups, France has the second-largest delegation in the world : 178 start-ups exhibiting, i.e. 32% of the total (564).

A legislative framework favourable to start-ups

In order to support these innovative companies with high growth potential, the government has taken initiatives which meet the twofold objective of supporting the growth and transformation of start-ups and making France more economically attractive.

Lastly, the end-of-year budgets include important measures promoting the French start-up ecosystem. For example, the 2017 budget and 2016 additional budget provide for :

• a gradual lowering of the corporation tax rate to 28% from 2017 onwards for all SMEs, for profits up to €75,000 ;

• a change in the way bonus shares are taxed : revenue from bonus shares which are below €300,000 will be subject to the capital gains regime ;

• the creation of the “SME innovation account”, which will allow entrepreneurs who have successfully developed their businesses to reinvest their sales proceeds into young SMEs or innovative enterprises./.

publié le 13/01/2017

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