Launch of the France-Ireland Research Alumni Network [fr]

The "France-Ireland Research Alumni Network" was launched. It was created to help developing and strenghtening research links between French and Irish researchers.

H.E. Jean-Pierre Thébault, Ambassador to France - JPEG On the 15th June, H.E. the Ambassador to France in Ireland, Mr Jean-Pierre Thébault, welcomed Irish researchers who studied or worked in France at the Résidence of France. Forty researchers representing most of the Irish universities came to attend the launch of the France-Ireland Research Network.

These research alumni were encouraged to continue their collaborations with their French counterparts, by building on the tools developed by the Embassy, to widen or renew their partnerships by contacting French teams of excellence (Labex, especially), to apply to European programmes with French laboratories, to develop projects of jointly supervised thesis with French doctoral schools, to implement new agreements for dual degrees with French higher education institutions and to promote the new FranceAlumni platform among their students who spent time in France.

The researchers who attended this launch established a representative sample of the diversity of Franco-Irish partnerships. Indeed, some indicators illustrate how rich this Franco-Irish cooperation is. France is the fourth partner in terms of scientific copublications (behind the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany) and a particular relationship in some areas (agrifood, marine sciences), there is a strong joint participation to European programmes. As of today, there have been 170 common projects that were funded through Horizon 2020 (245 million euros in funding), which represents around 600 French and Irish participants. 41 % of the Irish participations are with at least one French partner while 12% of French participations are with at least one Irish partner.

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Published on 25/03/2019

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