[Literature] Call for Applications: 2018 Publication Support Programmes are now open!

1st Submission Period of 2018


The Publication Support Programmes support publishers throughout the world who wish to open up their catalogues to works by francophone authors, through translation.

These programmes include two types of support: publication grants issued to foreign publishers (which are administrated by the French cultural network abroad) and rights purchases (grants for which are provided by the Institut français in Paris).

Irish publishers wishing to participate and seeking a grant through this programme should fill out the application form and provide the required documents listed below.

Requested documents

In order to be considered by the selection committee, every application must absolutely include the following elements:

- a copy of the copyright transfer agreement signed by both publishers;
- a balanced projected budget of revenue and expenditure (see model), in euros(at the chancery rate as at the date of signature of the copyright transfer agreement), dated and signed by the foreign publisher; You can download the budget table, in both French and English,
- two copies of thepartnership agreementin French, pre-filled out and signed by the foreign publisher. An English translation is available for non-francophone publishers. This document does not constitute a legally-binding contract, and is provided for information purposes only.Only partnership agreements between the local publisher and the Institut français that are drawn up in French may be accepted by the French national public accounting services.

Please note:

- Publication dates must be at least 3 months later than the date at which the selection committee is meeting to issue its decision.
- Local publishers must notify French publishers that they have submitted an application for a grant in order to forecast to defer payment pending the committee decision. It is not possible to present a title which advance has already been paid to the French publisher.
- The section in which information about the translator can be provided must be filled out in a few lines and in French.
- Letters of agreement are no longer admissible, except in exceptional circumstances and if we have been notified beforehand.
- Any incomplete submissions will not be taken into account.The publication support programme/copyright transferscovers all kinds of books (except for text books, technical books or how-to guides). Any books with a “Southern” edition that has already been commercialised may not be included in the framework of this programme: support may not be provided retroactively. Translations into French are excluded from this programme.

Any publisher who wishes to submit an application must first contact the copyright holder for the relevant book in order to draw up a preliminary transfer agreement.


Terms Conditions

Applications may be submitted until January 5th, 2018. The selection committee charged with assessing the projects put forward by the various local offices for a copyright transfer grant will meet on February 12th, 2018.

The results of the 1st selection committee meeting will be announced in last week-February.

This is a bi-annual programme. In order to be processed, applications forms and relevant documents should be sent to Stéphanie Muchint, who will enter them online.

Only complete applications that include all required documents (those submitted online and those sent in hard copy) will be considered.

Stéphanie Muchint
Cultural Service
French Embassy in Ireland
66 Fitzwilliam Lane
Dublin 2
01277 50 52

Published on 27/10/2017

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