[Literature] Visit of writer Azouz Begag in Ireland [fr]

As part of The Month of La Francophonie in Ireland, French writer, politician and researcher Azouz Begag will tour the Universities in Ireland : Cork, Limerick or Galway.
Seize the occasion to meet him and (re)discover his books and movies!


Azouz Begag was born in 1957 in Lyon. He is a French writer, politician and researcher in economics and sociology at the CNRS. He was the delegate minister for equal opportunities of France in the government of French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin till 5 April 2007.
Begag has a doctorate in Economics from Lyon II University. He has combined the functions of researcher in economy at the CNRS and at the Maison des sciences sociales et humaines of Lyon since 1980 and the one of professor at the École Centrale de Lyon. A visiting professor in Spring 2002 at the Winthrop-King Institute for Contemporary French and Francophone Studies at Florida State University, Begag was later made a honorary professor.
Begag’s academic career, culminating in his place as a researcher at the CNRS, as well as his political career to date, have also centered around the problems of unequal opportunity for those brought up in industrial suburbs and ghettos. In his account in 2007 of his two years as minister, The Sheep in the Bathtub, he describes his research work as that of a sociologist.
Begag has written approximately 20 literary books for adults and children, as well as songs and movie scenari.Begag’s best known literary work (he has published many novels often inspired by his childhood) is the autobiographical novel Le Gone du Chaâba, published in 1986.

Free events, open to the public (Online RSVP recommended)

In Dublin :
Tuesday, March 7th, 6:30pm
at Alliance Française, 1 Kildare street
RSVP here

In Cork:
On Wednesday March 8th, 5pm
at University College Cork (UCC), RoomL1, Electrical Engineering Building
RSVP here

In Limerick:
On Thursday March 9th, 5pm
at Mary Immaculate College, room T1.11
RSVP here

In Galway:
On Friday March 10th, 1pm
at NUIG, Moore Institute
RSVP here

The fault of the others : "Here is the story of forty years of failures of French and republican integration. I want to show that in this risky sequence of history, being French of Maghrebian and / or Muslim origin is a source of growing difficulties, regardless of the status, minister, deputy, mayor, journalist or ordinary citizen. Is it possible to curb it and avoid the great explosion in a country where electoral abstention reaches records, a fortiori in popular neighborhoods?"

The voice of his master : Samir lives in France with his family but dreams of America since he is very young. And this despite his father, who hates the Americans and is afraid of giving his son "a taste for exile." As an adult, Samir leaves to Los Angeles to teach sociology at the University of California. His dream comes true. But things are not looking so good at Uncle Sam’s on the eve of the election of Barack Obama, especially for a Muslim ... With his habitual humor, Azouz Begag takes us in the footsteps of this teacher who still wants to see America with his child’s eyes but is confronted with a far less pleasant reality.

Published on 07/03/2017

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