Maria: "I hope to return to France as an English teaching assistant!" [fr]

As part of the 30th anniversary of Erasmus, Irish students share with us their French experience. Discover Maria’s story:

Irish students share their French experience with us.
For this month, follow Maria’s story!

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I’m studying international business in DCU and I spent my Erasmus year in Télécom Ecole de Management in Evry (a suburb of Paris).

Why did you choose France?
It was compulsory for me as I study French.

What are the outcomes from your study programme in France and international experience?
I’m much more confident when it comes to public speaking and obviously my level of French has improved a lot. I made so many friends from all over the world (Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Mexico, Russia, France, the list goes on...) and I’ve even met up with them a couple of times last semester in Paris.

Your favorite word in French?
Coquine or Pépouze

We hope you enjoyed your French culture shock! Any memorable cultural fact, experience?
The Students Union campaign was the best week of my erasmus - they had free parties, activities on campus every day and they even deliver breakfast to your room. This was the week where I met so many French students - the atmosphere was crazy around campus!

The soundtrack of your stay in France?
Les lacs du Connemara ( or Sensualité (

Have you brought back a French souvenir with you?
I was involved in helping one of the groups that were running for the Students Union (BDE) and I have a Snapback with their logo on it.

Any French habit you have kept?
I buy more than one type of cheese whenever I shop now.

Where is your next destination?
I hope to return to France next year as an English teaching assistant!

Share with us your motto!
Put yourself out there and meet new people from the start. All of the other international student section are in the exact same boat and and from my experience, the French students really appreciated the fact that me and my other Irish friend mingled with them as it’s unusual for international students to do so!


Published on 15/03/2017

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