[May 9th] Round-table to discuss women’s role in globalization [fr]

This event, hosted at the Alliance Française in Dublin, will be an opportunity to address the problems faced by women in today’s world, globalized and dominated by men, through carriers of women who will exemplify this topic with their personal experiences.


This global topic covers different fields of study such as law, education, employment, stereotypes or discrimination. The speakers will give a wide overview of the challenges that women are facing today and will discuss their role in globalization.
The event will be focusing on Francophonie and the implications for the francophone world.
The participants will speak in French and the round-table will be moderated by Mrs Julie Rodgers, from Maynooth University.

The French embassy in Ireland is delighted to welcome the following high-level guests for this special round-table :

  • Mrs Anne Gazeau-Secret, former French ambassador in the Netherlands and Denmark, as well as ex-director for international cooperation and development in the French Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and former member of the Council of State.
  • Mrs Maeve Conrick, full professor and researcher at University College Dublin (UCD), specialised in linguistics. She was also member and deputy chair of the Higher Education Authority of Ireland from 2012 to 2014.
  • Mrs Olivia Leslie, former secretary of the Irish DFA in Cairo. She also worked at the Irish Permanent representation towards the EU in Brussels and is now deputy chair of the Strategy and Performance Unit within the Irish DFA., in charge of gender equality and diversity.
  • Mrs Lisa Pereira, journalist, currently studio and web producer of the programme ’Morning Ireland’ on Irish radio RTÉ.

We will be delighted to welcome you at 6:30pm at the Alliance Française Dublin for this very special event!

6:30 pm @ Alliance Française Dublin,
Admission Free with RSVP: Book Now!

Last modification: 03/01/2020

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