Missions of the scientific and academic service

The cultural and scientific service (SCAC - Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle) of the Embassy of France in Ireland has a number of specific missions, including:

- Keeping track of science and technology in Ireland.
- Improving science and technology exchanges between France and Ireland.
- Promoting French higher education.

The service acts in the majority of scientific areas laying emphasis on:

- Life sciences, biotechnology, health medicine.
- Information and communication sciences and technology.
- Green economy including energy.
- Humanities and social sciences.

Tracking developments in science and technology

SCAC works in close contact with the Agence pour la Diffusion de l’Information Technologique (ADIT) (agency for the dissemination of technological information) and publishes a scientific bulletin every three months and reports.

Promoting science and technology exchanges

SCAC’s primary objective is to encourage the emergence of new areas of scientific and technological cooperation.

In this framework SCAC endeavours to promote and intensify bilateral scientific exchanges, in all areas. To this end, it takes account of the research priorities shared by the two countries, the need to place these activities in the wider context of the European research area and facilitates the signing of agreements between french and irish research organisations. Particularly, SCAC supports programmes to encourage the mobility of students and young researchers (in particular by means of the French-Irish Programme "Ulysses").

Promotion of French science and Higher education

In order to promote France’s scientific image in Ireland, SCAC (Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle) endeavours to present and promote the possibilities offered by the French Higher Education. It acts in the aim of setting up cursus, diplomas and doctorates. It hosts a Campus France Branch which aims at promoting higher education, welcoming students and professionals and promoting international mobility. A FB page is also available!

Published on 07/07/2017

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