Our hackers’ projects!

Our hackers’ projects!

Read up on ConneXions 2017 and our hackathon and want to find out more about our teams projects? From the 29th of September to the 1st of October, Richmond Barracks held the first ever edition of ConneXions, and with it the hackathon #HackYourCity! From Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, seven teams competed in a hackathon on “urban renewal and digital technology to shape tomorrow’s city”. Here are the seven teams and their projects:

The Great 8 (first place)


"We are The Great 8 and we’re here to revolutionise the world of guded tours. We’ve selected 8 great locations and created a pass that bundles entry to them all, along with the pass we have our standout features such as:
• A seamless digital experience that doesn’t require users to download an app, create a new account, or have an internet connection at any point on the tour, thanks to our use of cutting edge hardware stations that allows tourists to access The Great 8 with just a tap of an NFC tag or scan of a QR Code.
• Custom offline maps that guide tourists along an optimized route through our specially selected destinations, making sure to include no more than 15 minutes of travel a day, also with full Google Maps integration of course.
• A downloadable pass working with digital stations embedded at each location that eliminates the need to mess about with pre-printed paper tickets or anything of that sort, while allowing tourists stress-free one tap entrance to our selcted attraction.
• Apple Pay and Android Pay integration that allows tourists to pay for The Great 8 with just a tap of their finger, no need for messing about with entering card details online or having to log into to a sperate payments service.
• Exclusive content specially selected for each location which is automatically loaded to a customer as they tag/scan into a location, for example in a historical attraction we would have augmented reality scenes that bring tourists back to the time when it all happened.
• Gamification that drives tourists to complete the tour - each of the 8 locations will feature digital stamps that can only be collected from physical stations located there - upon collection of all 8 stamps a 10% rebate is awarded.
• Integration that empowers the local economy - we can drive tourists to locally operated business such as restaurants and coffee shops along our route by offering special exclusive discounts to pass holders.
• Incredible value for money - after applying the 10% rebate The Great 8 would be approximately €20 cheaper than the current dublin 3 day pass, while offering far more than just entry into several attractions.
The Great 8 tour takes you on a exciting, modernized and authentic tour of Dublin 8’s spectacular tourist destinations that is like nothing else out there."


The Great 8 is Conor Bradley, Lye Ogunsanya, Sam O’Neill & Akhil Voorakkar.

D8TE (second place)


“We are team D8te !

Our project proposes to highlight Dublin 8 on the city maps, with the help of schools, youth clubs and social clubs. Using a webpage, D8te wants locals and visitors to compete with self-created content (photos, videos, artwork and blog entries) promoting the features of their very own district: Dublin 8.
Users are encouraged to expose this content through all social media channels to gain likes on the webpage which will result in prizes sponsored by partnering governmental institutions and businesses.
The large businesses would offer mentoring or one day in the office events to encourage the young participants in pursuing their dreams.”

D8TE is Marine Mutesi, Liliane Niyongira, Jordan Pellerin & Thorsten Recker.

4 Seasons (third place)


“The idea of the project was to create a food and drink market, while the societies of Dublin universities and colleges can come and perform in the market, which will be running 4 times a year and will have a theme depending on the season.”

"Four seasons Soul is the elaboration of a seasonal festival about fresh, organic food and craft brewery and distilleries in Dublin 8. We want people to enjoy the seasons of the year in a unique way. We also want people to start buying fresh quality food and drink through a social experience. In this way, we can share information with people while they are having fun in a historic place, Richmond Barracks. Behind every product there is a story."

4 Seasons is Lucille Choualhi Gatignol, Marjolaine Gonet and Samuel Soto.


Tech 8


“Our proposal was for a virtual reality telescope device that would sit in the courtyard of Richmond Barracks. Unlike other telescopes, instead of viewing magnified versions of whats around, you could see the surrounding buildings as they were in the past.
This virtual world would be re-constructed from old photos and historical documents to accurately portray the surrounding buildings.
In order to maintain accuracy and observe local cultural sensitivity, we would have worked closely with Richmond Barracks and the local community to ensure a rich and meaningful experience.”

Tech 8 is Patrick Harney, Mike O’Keeffe and Ruchi Palan.


Great 8 challenge


“Our project was called D8 Under The Sky Cinema.
The proposal was to have an open or covered cinema in one of the free areas in D8, e.g. Memorial gardens, Richmond Barracks, etc. where people could come to dine, chat, drink coffee, watch a movie or wander the markets with their friends, all in a relaxing and open environment. The cinema would be supported by market stalls with food, fashion and art products from local makers. It is a relatively low investment, low risk proposal. The increased footfall to the area would have positive social and economic effects as seen in a study of open air cinemas in the U.K. It brings life and excitement to the area and would create a social focal point for an area which does not have one now, drawing Dubliners and tourists alike.”

Great 8 challenge is Eoin Brady, Valérie Messager & Malika Sanoune.

More information on our other teams to come!
If you’d like more information or to get in touch with our teams, contact us at linguistic@ambafrance-ie.org

Published on 03/01/2020

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