Parcoursup - how to register in first year in French higher education? [fr]

Are you a EEA citizen and you want to do your first year of higher education in France?
Then, apply on parcoursup!

Registration at the first year in undergraduate study has to be done online, before having the leaving certificate.

You will find all information about admission at the first year in French higher education below:

  • to have information about study fields offered and the different higher education institutions
  • to make your choices in which institutions you want to start your higher education
  • follow-up your application

FOUR steps related to Parcoursup:

  1. From 22 January till 13 March 6pm: registration on the website and making your study choices
  2. Till 31 March included: confirmation of study choices by the candidate
  3. From 22 May till 21 September included: answer to the applicants and acceptance
    From 26 June till 21 September included: complementary phase

Tutorials available here!
Website: Parcoursup

Published on 15/01/2018

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