PhD dissertation award for Franco-Irish studies

An award to recognise and encourage original, high-quality research by doctoral candidates in the area of Franco-Irish studies or French studies.
Deadline for application: Friday 5 May 2017.

The Embassy of France in Ireland, in collaboration with the Association for Franco-Irish Studies (AFIS), has established a special award to recognize and encourage original, high-quality research by doctoral candidates in the area of Franco-Irish studies or French studies.

The award shall be presented at the AFIS conference dinner (19 May, 2017) and will consist of a prize from the French Embassy in addition to the payment of travel and subsistence expenses associated with attending the AFIS dinner. Supervisors of PhD students in a relevant area are strongly encouraged to disseminate the information to potential applicants.

Eligibility: For this year’s award, a proposed dissertation must have been successfully defended between January 2012 up to December 2016. The dissertation submitted should be the final version, with revisions suggested at the Viva included. Applications are welcome from any higher education institution located on the island of Ireland. All disciplines are eligible: literature, history, sociology, business, cultural theory, provided that the Franco-Irish or French angle is foregrounded.

Deadline for applications: Friday 5 May 2017.

Selection Criteria: Dissertations will be reviewed for technical depth and significance of the research contribution, as well as the potential impact and quality of presentation. Ultimately, it would be an advantage if this award could assist the winning candidate to have his/her dissertation published as a monograph. The main criteria will be the promotion of Franco-Irish collaboration in all academic disciplines.

Submissions: Applications for the Doctoral Dissertation Award should be submitted using the online nomination form to be downloaded here:

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Online registration form for PhD dissertaward
(Word - 132.8 kb)

Make sure to send the Doctoral Dissertation Award in PDF format. Submitted materials should explain the contribution in terms that will be understandable to a non-specialist. Each application involves the following components:
• Name, address and email address of the candidate.
• The dissertation as a PDF file.
• Applicant’s statement (200-300 words in length) addressing the significance of the research area.
• Supporting letters from experts in the field who can provide additional insights or evidence of the dissertation’s impact - the supervisor is disqualified from writing a letter of support.

For any queries on the above, please contact stephane.aymard[a]
Please note that conflict-of-interest principles apply to all award applications.

See examples of dissertations 2007-2016 in the document below:

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Examples of dissertations 2007-2016
(PDF - 204.9 kb)

Don’t hesitate to download the flyer & spread the word!

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PhD Dissert award flyer
(PDF - 273.5 kb)

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