Photographic Exhibition: "A French Glance at Europe"


On the occasion of the French Presidency of the European Union Council, following on the exhibition "A European Glance at France ", the Cultural Service of the Embassy of France in Ireland presents an exhibition entitled "A French Glance at Europe ".

Just as their peers from the 27 EU countries photographed France, 27 French photographers fix their lenses on the EU to show us the cultural diversity and richness of today’s Europe.

The European Union House in Dublin hosts this exhibition in which 27 personal visions illustrate the beauties of Europe, of its landscapes and cities, 27 snapshots bear witness of contemporary Europe’s identity and pay tribute to its richness and contrasts.

To all the artists, magicians of shadows and colors, our heartfelt thanks for their genuine enthusiasm and their very generous participation:

Austria - Francis Peyrat
Belgium - Etienne Pierart
Bulgaria - Michel Delaunay
Cyprus - Thibaut Temmerman
Czech Republic - Pascale Nédélec
Denmark - Jean-Marie Babonneau
Estonia - Raphael Gianelli-Meriano
Finland - Thomas Humery
France - Marc Rolland
Germany - Thierry Valencin
Greece - Guillaume Lebrun
Hungary - Patrick Camus
Ireland - Samuel Chantoiseau
Italy - Hugues Roussel
Latvia - Jérémie Buchholtz
Lithuania - Jean-Marc Caracci
Luxembourg - Pascal Dosset
Malta - Carole Brigitte
Netherlands - Emmanuel Veneau
Poland - Bertrand Weltin
Portugal - Yann Godo
Romania - Pascal Martinez
Slovakia - Fréderic Bonnetain
Slovenia - Eloïse Bollack
Spain - René Robert
Sweden - Laurent Denimal
United Kingdom - Marcel Dinahet

Photographic Exhibition

2 - 17 September 2008
European Union House, 18 Dawson Street, Dublin 2
Tel.: 01 708 8306/08

Admission Free

Opening time
Monday to Friday: from 9.30am to 5.00pm
(Closed on Saturday and Sunday)

Published on 16/09/2008

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