Practice your spoken French with SpeakShake! [fr]

In partnership with Île de France région, SpeakShake platform has a special offer for Irish schools! A good opportunity to register your classes and get your students to practice their spoken French with native speakers!


Use SpeakShake to :
- Improve oral fluency
- Boost self-confidence
- Learn the local language
- Develop intercultural knowledge

JPEGSpeakShake is an educational website which enables your students to develop their oral language skills through structured online language exchanges with native speakers. They will speak 15 minutes in one language, 15 minutes in the other.

Digital tools and aids for students : Bilingual interactive card content, Topics of conversation with key words, Exchange and chat via video-call, Instant messenger, Online translator, Notebook

Digital tools and aids for teachers : Wide range of topics of discussion, Validate the content submitted by your class, Individual activity reports (number and duration of conversations, topics discussed, questions asked by your students, vocabulary searched for)

How can SpeakShake be used ?
During class time (in a classroom or computer lab) or as part of private study at home. Using a computer with a webcam and microphone or a tablet or smartphone
It’s easy to use - no training is required!

Who will your students speak with ?
Based on your criteria, your students will be paired individually with other students from a foreign educational institution. They may also have the option to exchange freely with other SpeakShake users if they are over the age of 18 years old.

How much does it cost ?
Schools: €180/class/year (includes 30 student accounts). Additional student account : €6.
Universities: €300/class/year (includes 30 student accounts). Additional student account : €10
Institutions: €20/student/month
Members of the public: €25/month

Throug the partnership with Région Île de France, Irish schools can use SpeakShake for free (Pilote project 2018-2019)! Don’t wait, register your class now!

5 reasons to use SpeakShake :

1- User-friendly and simple to integrate
2- Can be used at anytime, anywhere, on any device
3- All-encompassing tool to supervise your students individually
4- Choice of application (in class or as private study); choice of topics
5- Join other prestigious educational institutions and universities!

PDF - 95.3 kb
(PDF - 95.3 kb)

They use SpeakShake in their school and adopted it! Read more!

SpeakShake’s partners:

You would like to try SpeakShake for free with your school ? You want to know more?
Contact : Fanny Vallantin
• mobile / Whatsapp : +33768448418
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Published on 05/09/2018

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