Presentation of a Labex: DigiCosme

How is the research landscape structured in France? How can you make your way to find a partner in research in France?
Every two months, you will find here a short presentation of a Labex: a laboratory of excellency.

DigiCosme is an excellence laboratory centre (labex) in the field of computer science and communication. Operated by the Foundation for Scientific Cooperation (FSC) Paris-Saclay, it received 9M€ for the 2012-2019 period as part of the program investissements d’avenir launched by the French Ministry of research and higher education.
DigiCosme’s scientific project tackles three key challenges that will define future information and communication systems: reliability, scalability and data intelligence. As our world increasingly depends on digital systems, research conducted by DigiCosme’s scientists will impact all levels of society.
Labex DigiCosme aims at fulfilling the promise of the digital age to enforce a knowledge-rich society. It carries out actions in the fields of education, research and innovation.

Published on 16/03/2016

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