To be entitled to apply for a visa as family members of EU citizen, the EU citizen must travel with the applicant (or has to be already in France on the arrival date of the family member).

To book appointments online, please use the online booking system.

If you are looking for an earlier appointment, you can alternatively check availabilities by email, through the following contact . We may exceptionally offer extra appointments for EU family members visa applications on a daily basis at 11.45am only. However, due to the high volume of demands, be aware it may take up to few weeks to obtain an extra appointment. If you are looking for an extra appointment, please send an email stating the name, surname, date of birth, nationality, passport number, phone number of the applicant along with dates and itinerary of the trip.

1- Please download the following list of requirements:

PDF - 202.6 kb
EU family requirements (PDF, 202,6 Ko)
(PDF - 202.6 kb)

2 - Please bring the following short stay form completed:

PDF - 89.2 kb
Short stay form (PDF, 89,2 Ko)
(PDF - 89.2 kb)

To help you complete the form, you can download the following attachment:

PDF - 232.2 kb
How to fill in the form? (PDF, 232,2 Ko)
(PDF - 232.2 kb)

3 - If applicable, please bring the following parental authroization completed along with a copy of the ID page of the parents’ passports:

PDF - 281 kb
Parental authorization form (PDF, 281 Ko)
(PDF - 281 kb)

Published on 13/06/2018

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