[Science Week 2016] Shaking up stereotypes about scientists! [fr]

Do you find that researchers and scientists are usually pictured as men, in their fifties, with white messy hair and wearing lab coats? In Galway, Muriel Grenon will be shaking up these stereotypes !

Who are you?
I am a researcher in cellular and molecular genetics from the University Paris XI – Orsay, I am a specialist of cancer biology and of the study of fundamental mechanisms involved in the cellular cycle as an answer to the DNA damages.
I joined the NUI Galway in 2004 where I worked in the “ Centre for Chromosome Biology” until 2012. Since then, I have been at the head of a scientific outreach programme, Cell EXPLORERS within the School of Natural Sciences.

What are you working on?
The Cell EXPLORERS programme involves students and employees of NUI Galway to develop outreach and public engagement activities, for the general public and especially young people and their families. The Cell EXPLORERS team offers interactive activities promoting modern biology. Each year, the programme goes to visit children in their schools, in particular with the “Fantastic DNA” session. Cell EXPLORERS also organises workshops during science days and festivals, including the Galway Science & Technology Festival which takes place in November, each year.

CellEXPLORERS(c)Aengus Mc Mahon Photography

What are you presenting for this Science Week?
The project we are presenting this year aims at demystifying the stereotypical image of the scientist – a man, rather elderly, with messy white hair and wearing a lab coat – through an artistic workshop.
During this open houses workshop, children or teenagers and their families will draw a life-size self-portrait representing them as scientist. A mixt team of artists and scientists will be assisting each participant in their activities. In the room, pictures of scientists based in NUI Galway will show how diverse the scientist population and their clothing are.
The workshop will be help on Sunday 27th November, during Galway Science and Technology Festival closing day, the Exhibition Day on the university campus.
The project is realised in partnership with Marina Wild, member of the NUI Galway Arts Office. Marina also is an artist and illustrator whose workshop is in Spiddal, near the city of Galway.

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"The Arty Scientist" workshop will be presented on Sunday 27th November in NUI Galway. It has received funding from the French Embassy and the Galway Science and Technology Festival.

Published on 03/01/2020

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