Screening of "The Forgotten Genocide"

The first documentary to look at the persecution of Sinti and Roma on a European scale.

PNG A screening of the comprehensive and imperative documentary, The Forgotten Genocide: Europe’s Gypsies in World War II. Drawing focus on the persecution of the Sinti and Roma communities across Europe in the lead up to and throughout the Second World War, the film also elucidates on important aspects of Roma history and culture that dispels some common misconceptions.

"The Forgotten Genocide" tells the remarkable stories of six Sinti and Roma children in the 1940s. The mistreatment and genocide of Sinti and Roma is still frequently overlooked when World War II persecutions are discussed. It took the world, and the Sinti and Roma themselves, decades to recognize the fate they suffered. Today, ethnic minorities known as gypsies or travellers still endure prejudice against them throughout Europe.

Supported by the French Embassy, Holocaust Education Trust Ireland, Institut Français, Alliance Française and the Memorial de la Shoah in Paris, the Forgotten Genocide will be screened at the Irish Film Institute on Wednesday, 10 April at 6.30pm with the film’s two directors Idit Bloch and Henriette Asseo in attendance.

Mémoires tsiganes, l’autre génocide
A Film written by Henriette Asseo, Idit Bloch and Juliette Jourdan
75 minutes, France, 2011, Colour and Black & White, Digibeta, English subtitles
Wednesday 10 April 2013, 6.30pm
@ Irish Film Institute
Bookings: 01 679 3477 -
Info: scac[at] - 01 708 8300
- The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the film’s two directors, Idit Bloch and Henriette Asseo.
* IFI and Alliance Française members can avail of discounted €7 tickets for this IFI French Film Club screening.


Published on 02/04/2013

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