Séjours professionnels

The French Education Ministry and the Department of Education and Science have agreed a pilot programme to place Irish teachers in French post-primary schools for a period of two weeks and the same visit of French teachers in Ireland.

The scheme aims to promote teacher mobility ; to encourage the European dimension in education ; to strengthen links and relationships between schools and teachers in Ireland and France ; to promote languages and teachers’ professional development ; to encourage professional dialogue and the sharing of good practice ; and to facilitate the setting up of exchange projects between teachers and students.

18 positions for Irish teachers in France are open for 2017/2018, and 18 positions for French teachers in Ireland.

Application Deadline for 2018/2019 is February 16th 2018 - late application may be considered. Don’t wait !

You don’t need to already have a partner school in France to apply.
If your school just wishes to receive the visit of a teacher from France in 2018-2019, you might also apply by the DES.

For further information, please visit : https://www.education.ie/en/Education-Staff/Services/secondment-temporary-re-assignment/French-Irish-Teacher-Professional-Visit-Scheme.html


publié le 26/03/2018

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