« Sociétés d’Accélération du Transfert de Technologie »

The « Sociétés d’Accélération du Transfert de Technologie » (SATTs) are technology transfer offices, which were also created in the context of the “Investments for the Future” Programme with a total budget of €885m.

They aim to coordinate the valorisation teams of educational and public research organisations within a region, thereby improving the technology transfer originating in public laboratories to industrial or social applications.


Having been created under a private status (SAS), these organisations are allowed to carry out commercial activities. So, SATTs invest in projects aimed at the validation, maturation and transfer of public R&D, and provide commercialisation services. SATTs have pooled certain functions (e.g. IP management, proof-of-concept, market studies); the exact scope of their activities differs from one case to another, and in a few instances includes contract research.

There are currently 14 SATTs in France:

Aquitaine Science Transfert (SATT Aquitaine)
AxLR(SATT Languedoc-Roussillon)
Conectus(SATT Alsace)
• Grenoble Alpes Innovation Fast Track (SATT Grenoble Alps)
Ouest Valorisation (SATT Ouest)
Pulsalys(SATT Lyon St-Etienne)
SATT Grand-Centre
SATT Grand-Est
SATT Lutech
• SATT Paris Saclay
SATT Sud-Est
Toulouse Tech Transfer (SATT Midi-Pyrénées)

Facts and Figures

At the end of 2014, the 14 SATTs had:
• recruited 400 professionals specialised in IP & licensing, project management, marketing and commercialisation
• identified and analysed 3500 innovative projects
• filed 700 priority patents
• signed 180 licenses
• participated in the creation of 60 startups

Published on 10/02/2016

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