Sorry ! by Pierre Byland, Paddy Hayter & Footsbarn Theatre

Footsbarn Theatre is back in Dublin !

One of the world’s leading touring companies, the Footsbarn Traveling Theatre has been performing for the most part in one of its circus big tops but also in theatres all over the world. Renowned for its exciting adaptations of classics such as Shakespeare & Moliere, it transcends the language barrier with its unique blend of visual theatre, music and magic.

In Sorry, That’s Life, the funeral ceremony of a classical music composer is disturbed by trained animals and undisciplined revelers. It then occurs to the audience that the same stage has been rented for the funeral and a gipsy celebration. Both sides will go through all the processes of the encounter, from cohabitation attempt to open war, against a background of Goëthe, Shakespeare, opera song, trained animals and gypsy music.

Sorry ! is emphasizing the role of the clown in theatre; it is a noisy and undisciplined show for all the family.

With the support of the Cultural Service of the French Embassy, the Alliance Française in Dublin and the Institut Français.

Until the 1st of May 2011
Footsbarn Tent, Point Village, Dublin 1
Performances the 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 April at 19:30
Performances the 23, 24, 30 April and 1st of May at 15:00

Tickets :
Adults : € 20
Children : € 10

Contact : Cultural Service of the French Embassy

Published on 07/09/2012

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