Support for Dual Degrees Development Project

Every year, the Scientific and Academic Service provides with financial support higher education institutions setting up joint / dual degrees between France and Ireland.
Please find here our application form.


Every year, the Scientific and Academic Service supports higher education institutions who are planning to set up or have already initiated dual / joint degrees between France and Ireland.

What is a dual degree?

A dual degree is a study programme where education is given both in France and in Ireland. It stems from an agreement between French higher education institutions (university, business school, engineering school or a science po school) and Irish higher education institutions (university, institute of technology or a private school). It leads to two degrees (one French and one Irish).

How many French and Irish dual degrees?

The French Embassy in Ireland have registered 40+ French-Irish dual degrees.
If you are looking for extra information about the dual degrees, please have a look at the list here.

Grants in 2016 & 2017
For information, the French Embassy in Ireland supports every year dual degrees.

  • for 2016
    * Dublin City University
    * Institute of Technology Tallaght & Université de la Rochelle
    * Waterford Institute of Technology & Brest Business School
    * University College Dublin & Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas
  • for 2017
    * Dublin City University & ECE Paris
    * Institute of Technology Tallaght & Brest Business School
    * Institute of Technology Tallaght & Lycée Chirstian Bourquin
    * Waterford Institute of Technology & Brest Business School

APPLICATION FORM : Support to your double-degree project

Are you interested in having financial support? Please fill in the following application form.

Your contact details

For instance : lecturer, professor, research fellow, research director...

Please specify the network and your username (ex: Twitter Embassy of France to Ireland - @FranceinIreland). We will use this information to advertise about your project.

Past or still existing

Please specify the years, partners and topics of the aforementioned collaborations

Your double-degree project

Name, main features, planned activities, number of events...

Name and address of the partner institution

Name, surname, contact details of the person/people you will be meeting

If you wish to meet other partner institutions during your visit

The fulfillment of these goals shall be evaluated through the post-mission report

Your application must be submitted on the civil year of the mission

The Embassy grants supports from €500 up to €1,000. The funds should facilitate leverage effect (x10).

Total estimated budget for setting up the double-degree

If you wish to benefit from other types of support from our part (logistic, material, contacts, etc.)

Trips from France to Ireland only

You can add here further information you may find useful to us

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