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Prof. Christine Rouzioux, member of the team who discovered the HIV, was in Dublin for the 1st EU4HIVCURE symposium, bringing together HIV specialists from all around the world.

On 6th and 7th October was held the 1st EU4HIVCURE symposium in University College Dublin (UCD), with special guests and invited speakers, including Prof. Christine Rouzioux (Hospital Necker, Paris, France), Dr. Asier Saez Cirion (Pasteur Institute, Paris, France) and Prof. Alan L Landay (Rush University Medical Centre, Chicago, USA).

The programme was articulated around six thematic sessions: host response and HIV persistence, opportunities for HIV research in Horizon 2020, evening poster sessions, host-virus interface in HIV latency and persistence, latency reversing strategies and strategies for HIV remission.
Prof. Christine Rouzioux was the member of the team who discovered the HIV virus. She gave a lecture on the dynamics of HIV reservoirs in infected patients, markers in HIV cure studies.

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Prof. Christine Rouzioux and the EU4HIVCURE consortium, incl. Dr.Virginie Gautier

The EU4HIVCURE is a research programme funded by RISE 2015, launched in January 2016 in Brussels. It started out with a Ulysses scheme between dr. Virginie Gautier (UCD) and Prof. Olivier Rohr (Strasbourg University, France), sponsored by the Embassy of France in Ireland and the Irish Research Council (read more about this).

The Embassy of France in Ireland once more is delighted and proud to contribute to Dr. Virginie Gautier’s work on HIV.

Published on 03/01/2020

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