The 92nd infantry regiment [fr]

The 92nd infantry regiment, the last direct heir of the Irish regiments of the French army will participate to the ceremony.

The 92nd infantry regiment


The 92th infantry regiment is a regiment of the French army, today based in Clermont-Ferrand. It comprises 1,200 men and women.

It is the last French regiment that descends directly from former Irish regiments incorporated in the French army in 1697. Several regiments followed King James II in his exile in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, including Walsh’s regiment. For almost a century, more than 5 Irish regiments formed the famous Irish Brigade. Some sources estimate that hundreds of thousands of Irishmen may have served in the French army, illustrating themselves especially during the famous battle of Fontenoy (1745) but also in the French Expeditionary Force in support of the American insurgents. Walsh’s units were part of this epic, already establishing a bound between France, Ireland and the United States.

In 1791, the regiment was renamed 92nd line regiment, name that it lost before later regaining it, while other units were incorporated. In 1855, this Irish regiment merged with the 17th regiment of light infantry to definitively become the 92nd infantry regiment.

Since 1791, the regiment took part in significant battles in the history of France, such as Austerlitz (1805), Waterloo (1815), the Marne (1914), Verdun and the Somme (1916) but also in the Resistance in Auvergne in 1944.
Today based in Clermont Ferrand, the "Auvergne" regiment was mobilized in overseas theaters as well as in France to secure the territory.

The participation of its flag bearer with a guard of honor, led by his commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Rosier, to the inauguration of the France-Ireland Memorial, which honors the Irish who have volunteered in large numbers to defend freedom and France in 1870-1871, 1914-1918 and in 1939-1945, is an opportunity to recall, through the close human bound and the shared values between the two countries. In addition, in September 1916, the 92nd infantry regiment was engaged in the Somme, around the village of Chaulnes, a few kilometers away from the villages of Guillemont and Ginchy where the 16th Irish division was engaged at the same time.

Published on 07/11/2018

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