The Embassy now produces its own energy!

Thanks to its Irish partners, the French Embassy now produces its own energy!

As part of the project "An Embassy as Green as Ireland", The Embassy of France in Ireland has set up a partnership with companies BNRG Renewables and PV Green . These companies support the installation of solar panels but also the setting up of a monitoring system of the energy consumption of the Embassy.

This system allows a constant and measured analysis, more energy savings and therefore a saving of public money.

It also contributes to the awareness of the 10,000 annual service users of the Consulate who will be informed by the diffusion, on screens, of the energy savings realized by the building in which they are located.


Our energy production will now rise to 5 MegaWatts per year, enabling us to power our entire consular building. This consumption is equivalent to the consumption of two Irish households!

Published on 24/05/2017

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