The Night of Ideas in Ireland: Dublin, Galway, Cork & Limerick [fr]

A night in the world, to think together!

Celebrating the stream of ideas between countries, cultures, topics and generations, The Night of Ideas takes place worldwide on Thursday 30th January 2020 and will focus on the theme: “Being Alive”. Guests from diverse backgrounds will gather to discuss the theme all across the five continents.


The French Embassy in partnership with Irish cultural organisations is proud to present its third edition in Ireland on Thursday 30th January 2020.

This year we double our efforts to present these special events by reaching 4 cities across the country: Dublin, Galway and for the very first time Cork and Limerick!

The events will revolve around the theme "Being Alive" with special guests, film screenings and debates questioning the ecological balances and the relation of man to the world in a global context of biodiversity loss as a result of climate change.

For the little ones there is also a special Petite Nuit des idées in Dublin!

Find out what is in store for every city:
Dublin: The Night of Ideas 2020 @ IFI
La Petite Nigh of Ideas 2020 in Dublin
Galway: The Night of Ideas 2020
Cork: the first Night of Ideas 2020
Limerick: the first Night of Ideas 2020


Published on 27/01/2020

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