Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival

For its 20th anniversary the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival with the support of the French Embassy in Ireland presents two daring performances for the public to experience:

“2Fik does Strongbow (and Aoife)”

5 & 12 September 2014
(France / Québec / Morocco)

GIFFrench/Québecois/Moroccan artist 2Fik does an 8-hour photoshoot staging 2Fik does Strongbow (and Aoife) in a bold and cheeky reworking of the classic painting depicting the Norman conquest.

Merging gender, race play and high fashion, the photographer and performance artist 2Fik will perform more than 80 characters from the famous Daniel Maclise painting The Marriage of Strongbow and Aoife to create a contemporary version. Questioning Irishness, religion, gender and history this reinterpretation will feature characters from his repertoire and the local Irish context.
Posing as men, women and teenagers, his appearance evolves over the eight hour performance. The final result will be unveiled on 12 September and photos will be exhibited from Sep 12 — 20 at Filmbase.

Project support from Dublin City Council Events Office, Tiger Dublin Fringe, the French Embassy in Ireland and the Québec Government Office, London. Artistic residency supported by Generator Hostel.

@ George’s Dock, Dublin 2
Friday 5 September 2014, 9:00 - 17:00
Duration 8 hours - tickets free and unticketed
The final photo will be exhibited from Sep 12 — 20 at Filmbase, please check fringefest.com for more details.


Riuchi : “The Tale Of The Ancient Lights Riuchi”

16-20 September 2014
(Ireland / France)

GIFA search for destiny in an Asian legend. Through the use of modern LED technology this solo light performance awes and stuns, inviting the audience away to another land in another time. Circus, magic and dance combine in Guillaume Cousson’s skilled and precise movements. At once poetic, poignant and a great adventure story, this atmospheric multidisciplinary piece is suitable for all people of all ages.

With the support of the French Embassy in Ireland

@ Project Arts Centre, Cube
16-20 September 2014
Preview Sep 16 / 13:00 / €10
Sep 17 — 20 time 13:00 tickets €12 / €11 conc.
Duration 40 mins
The performance contains strobe lighting.
Info & Booking: http://fringefest.com/programme/the-tale-of-the-ancient-lights

Published on 23/09/2014

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