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Christelle Al-Hasrouty, PhD Student in University of Bordeaux, is involved into a cotutelle PhD with University College Dublin.
Her thesis looks into improving teleconferencing.

"I am currently registered as a PhD student in the three-year joint-degree programme between University of Bordeaux (UB) and University College Dublin (UCD). As such, I am going to do half of my studies in the Engineering Performance Laboratory (PEL) of the School of Computer Science and Informatics (CSI) at UCD.

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Labri Bordeaux

What are you working on?
My PhD is entitled “Transcoding Opus streams in SDN/Openflow networks for VoIP conference calls between heterogeneous clients”.
Teleconferencing is a convenient and cheap way to arrange meetings between geographically dispersed people. With the advent of the Internet and operators’ convergence towards an all-IP architecture, phone conferencing is being replaced by voice over IP (VoIP) with protocols such as SIP, RTP, etc. However, IP networks do not offer the same homogeneity as dedicated telephone networks in terms of performances and thus connections’ characteristics on the client side can vary widely. The introduction on to the market of new codecs such as Opus, that will be able to transcode audio streams on the fly, will enable the dynamic optimization of the streams to the connections’ characteristics. This adaptation currently only occurs in terminal devices. The aim of this PhD thesis is to add leverage to SDN architecture in order to transcode streams on the core network’s devices and thus to optimize the location of these transcodings with respect to the clients’ positions.
What is the history of the collaboration?
The collaboration between our two laboratories started when I spent some time with Professor John Murphy’s team from 2013 – 2014. John Murphy is an Associate Professor in Computer Science and Informatics at University College Dublin
Following this first stay, a three-year « PICS » project (funded by the French CNRS) has allowed me to continue to work with UCD and to set up a joint-degree between UB and UCD. This thesis has partly been funded by IdEx Bordeaux in France, by the SFI Lero in Ireland and by a small grant from the Embassy of France in Ireland. I am jointly supervised by Damien Magoni and John Murphy."

Christelle Al-Hasrouty

Published on 04/11/2015

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