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Mikael Thiery, a young French cineast moved to Dublin a couple of years ago to set up the Dub Web Fest, a festival about web series. He is now working on his next big project, a web TV focused on quality short films : Twisted Mirror TV!

Tell us a little bit about yourself ?

My name is Mikael Thiery I am a cinematic French man based in Dublin, Ireland for a couple of years. After completing my film studies in Paris with a short film under my belt I decided to improve my English by grasping the Irish luck. My first Irish production "Joe Drummer" was a success overseas at the Chicago Irish Film Festival 2011 as in Ireland (Dingle Film Festival).Then I moved towards the online series form and I co-produced and directed a comedy series "Ash Airways’. One of the comedy sketches was selected in Los Angeles for the LA Web Fest 2014.
After having been a photographer, a producer, I chose to set up with my business partner the first Irish celebration of online storytelling : The Dub Web Fest.

Why Ireland?

Ireland was a cool choice because of a friend who was already living there and also because of the rock scene (U2). I am a huge fan of the Irish storytellers such as Samuel Beckett, Wilde and Doyle too !

Tell us about your project, DubWebFest?

Dub Web Fest is the first Irish festival of online storytelling where series makers, producers and story lovers are meeting up to celebrate the new phenomenon : The Web Series, the new form of Entertainment.
A three-day festival with a programme of screening of series, comedy sketches, music videos as well as masterclasses on scriptwriting, online marketing and production in Film Base (Temple Bar). To chill out everyone can enjoy the networking parties organised at Liquor Rooms in the evenings.

What is at the core of this project?

The way we watch TV has changed since smart phones or tablets arrived in our daily lives (in Western societies). Cinema, TV and Theatre will always be there however online storytelling (web series, comedy sketches, short films) is the new form of Entertainment.
Dublin is the land of great storytellers (Beckett, Wilde, Joyce). The savvy modern Ireland is at the edge of the Digital world. The perfect equation is a web fest.

DubWebFest, what’s next?

After a terrific Web Fest the next step is a platform / application focused on short content like web series, short films, comedy sketches, music videos. Why? After watching series on a big screen at the Web Fest attendees will go back to their home town with their smartphones. The question is then where can they follow up with their favorite web series? Internet is like a vast ocean where we can get lost, a web TV focused on quality short films is our answer. That is why Twisted Mirror TV was created. If you want to support this new project, please have a look at ways in which you can here!

Published on 03/01/2020

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