What’s Campus France Ireland? [fr]

Campus Frznce Ireland is here to help all Irish students and international students based in Ireland who want to pursue their higher education in France.

1) The Agency Campus France
In charge of international, academic and scientific mobility, the Agency Campus France in under the authority of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Higher Education Research and Innovation.
The main mission of Campus France offices is the promotion of French higher education to foreign students and the institutes where they study. They answer questions about French programs, assist foreign students in their administrative formalities and prepare them to their arrival in France.

The Campus France agency has a network of 255 locations and annexes in 124 countries with almost 500 counsellors around the world.

For more information: https://www.campusfrance.org/en

2) Campus France Ireland
based at the French Embassy in Ireland, Campus France Ireland offers a specific follow-up with Irish students or all international students living in Ireland.

Published on 13/07/2018

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