What’s new in France - December 2015

Find here a selection of some of the latest news of the academic sector in France!

Thematic centres

A selection of what is going on in some of the R&D areas.
- Smart Cityin Nice: a report on the investment decisions guided by Team Cote d’Azur in 2014 highlights the attractiveness of the region to investors from France and abroad in its technology and service sectors.
- Data centre Strasbourg: a data centre dedicated to the collection and worldwide distribution of astronomical data and related information.
- Cyber security: Brittany & Finistere Cluster in Defense tops French cybersecurity industry.
- COP21 and French researchers: a joint research community event organised for COP21 and focusing on the research challenges raised by climate change.
- "Initiatives d’excellence French public fundings to 12 projets in IT trainings:

Academic News

A selection of what is going on in the academic sector in France.
- "My thesis in 180sec"
- Paris best student city in the world
- Employability of graduates, Times Higher Education ranking

Awards and nominations

Some news about French awards and nominations.
- INRA Awards
- 2015 Inserm awards
- French Academy Awards
- Financial Times Awards,Laurence Tubiana women of the year
- CNRS gold medalist: Eric Karsenti, biologist
- Stars of Europe Awards:
- Cedric Villani appointed as science adviser for the European Commission

Published on 18/12/2015

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