What’s new in France - February 2017

Find here a selection the latest news of the academic sector in France.

Zoom on the Institute Laue-Langevin

The Institute Laue-Langevin celebrates the 50-year anniversary of the Elysée treaty, the ’Treaty of Friendship’ that paved the way for the French-German agreement that created the world’s flagship centre for neutron science

Academic News

A selection of what is going on in the academic sector in France.
- PAUSE: a new programme for emergency reception of exiled scientists
- France leads the way with the merge of Parisian universities.
- 3 French schools (Ecole 42, ENSIMAG and INSA) in the top coding schools!
- Sport Sciences: Poitiers University in the top 100 of Shanghai ranking.
- 5 projects laureates of the DUNE (Développement d’universités numériques expérimentales : Development of Experimental Digital University) call (FR).
- Admission Post-Bac is now open! Some tips about the registration process!
- Want to study art or architecture in France? Apply now!.
- Survey OVE on French students living conditions (FR).
- Immersion France, an app to help you in France.
- Encouraging outstanding foreign students to apply for master’s programmes at Université Paris-Saclay.
- Sorbonne’s scholarship programme for international mobility (FR).

Awards and nominations

Some news about French awards and nominations.
- The Ampère Award for Electricity in France” awarded to Alain Brillet.
- Claire Voisin, 2016 CNRS gold medal
- 11th INRA Awards ceremony.
- Etoiles de l’Europe Award (FR).
- 2016 Award for digital industries (FR).
- La Recherche Award (FR).
- Le Monde de La Recherche Award.

Published on 03/01/2020

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