What’s new in France - October 2016

Find here a selection of some of the latest news of the academic sector in France!



- #DigitAg a project for digital agriculture, in Montpellier, bringing together laboratories & companies, and 56 thesis grants
- Paris-Saclay : C-LAND bringing together 200 researchers (based in Paris-Saclay, 12 teams from INRA, CEA, CIRAD, CNRS, IRSTEA, IRD and AgroParisTech, Ecole Polytechnique, Univ Paris Sud et Univ Versailles St Quentin en Yvelines) to develop a new training scheme with 6 Masters & 6 Doctoral Schools in Univ. Paris-Saclay, in the areas of sensors technologies and digital services.
- In October, the Train des saveurs (Health & Flavour train) traveled France to showcase workshops, research discoveries and allow the general public to meet with researchers and taste regional products.

Web & Tech

- France is pionneering the LIFI sector (internet light)
- 10 communities of French entrepreneurs abroad awarded the French Tech Hub label
- The Digital Republic law passed in France, introducing new provisions that regulating the digital economy as a whole (such as open data, online cooperative economy, revenge porn and access to the internet).

Academic News

A selection of what is going on in the academic sector in France.
- Three French Higher Education Institutions in the top 150 QS Ranking 2016: Ecole Normale Supérieur (#33), Ecole Polytechnique (#53) and Université Pierre et Marie Curie (#141). They were already in the 150 2015 QS Ranking but their positions have fallen down.
- Paris considered as the best 2016 student city in the world according to QS ranking. This is mainly due to its internationally ranking universities.
- Next year (2017/2018): France will be selecting 1st year Masters students
- France remains the3rd favorite destination for international students. For the academic year 2015/2016, 309 000 students came to study in France (number has increased by 77% since 2000).
- Opening of the new Cité internationale Paul Ricœur to provide better facilities for international teachers and students coming to France.
- [Grande Ecole du Numérique-www.ambafrance-ie.org/Grande-ecole-du-numerique-171-courses-in-the-digital-sector-labellised]: 171 courses in the digital sector labellised.
- Death of Georges Balandier, French sociologist. He was famous for his research on Africa during the second half 20th century and popularising the concept of "Third World".

Awards and nominations

Some news about French awards and nominations.
- Jean-Pierre Sauvage, a French scientist in the European Trio winner of the Chemistry Nobel Prize.
- Results of the 2016 Irene Joliot-Curie Award.
- French mathematician Dr Claire Voisin is awarded the CNRS 2016 Gold Medal.

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