Why not become English Language Assistant in France!

Become an English Language Assistant in France!

Every year, the French Ministry of Education offers teaching assistantship positions in French primary and secondary schools all over France.

The assistantship programme is a unique opportunity and a valuable life experience. As well as improving your language skills and confidence in speaking, gaining in-depth knowledge of French life and culture, a year abroad can also boost future employability.

The Teaching Assistant Programme run by the French Embassy in Ireland, the Department of Education and Skills and France Education international offers you the opportunity to work in France for 7 months (October 1st until April 30th), teaching English to French students of all ages. Each year, over 70 undergraduate and graduate Irish students teach their mother tongue in primary or secondary schools across all regions of France and receive a monthly stipend by the French Government.

As a Language assistant you will teach conversational English for 12 hours a week alongside an English language teacher. You can also get involved in various educational activities held in the school, introduce Irish contemporary culture by developing classroom and extra-curricular activities, contribute to authentic voice recordings to enrich the school’s audiovisual resources, participate in the implementation of exchange programmes and lead a language club.

But more importantly, the role of a Language Assistant is to help pupils to see the foreign language as a living language spoken by millions of people rather than as a ‘school’ language.

To be eligible for this scheme applicants must :
- be between 20 and 35 years of age
- be Irish nationals or EU national having completed secondary schooling in Ireland
- have completed at least two years of higher education in any discipline by the time you take up your position in France
- have a working knowledge of the French language

Language assistants work for 12 hours a week, from October 1st to April 30th. They are free on French school holidays, and get a monthly allowance between 770€ and 785€, which allows them to cover the costs of accommodation and living in France.


General information about the programme can also be found on following websites: :



And also on: www.education.ie

How to apply : Instructions about the Irish assistant scheme in France

1- Download the Application Form 2021-2022 (in French) here :

PDF - 539 kb
(PDF - 539 kb)

2- Fill the form (electronic version - you need to download the document and use latest version of adobe reader to fill it) - make sure you add a photo

3- Ask a teacher to fill and sign the appraisal form (“Fiche d’appréciation” on page 9)

4- Add the following documents:
- A copy of your latest, highest university degree, or your latest official university transcript
- A proof of enrollment (if you are a student in 2020-2021)

- A copy of your ID or Passport (page with the picture) valid until December 2021 at least

5- Sign the form an send your complete application file per email to irishassistantsinfrance@gmail.com

Deadline for applications : March 15th, 2021

Once accepted in the scheme, the French Education authorities (Académies) will ask the selected candidates to provide a recent police clearance check/Police Certificate. This is a mandatory document for your employment as language assistant in France. Please note that you should apply for this Police certificate as soon as you get the information about your selection in May. You can apply here - https://www.garda.ie/en/About-Us/Online-Services/Data-Protection-FOI-Police-Certificates/Police-Certificates.html

Please note that accepting a position as a language assistant has the worth of commitment, and any cancellation after having accepted the post has to be duly justified.

For questions about the programme or help with the completion of the application file, you can contact :

Benjamin Girodeau
Attaché de coopération pour le français


Published on 01/08/2021

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