You studied in France? France Alumni is for you!

France Alumni is a new digital platform aiming at gathering anyone who studied in France. Launched on 26th November 2014, France Alumni aims at creating an international network of professionals who did part or all of their studies in France.

France Alumni, a networking tool for former students

This platform is organized on a general website and local websites managed by Campus France (French state agency all around the world). More than a directory, the platform will be an interactive agenda, a mailing tool will provide Alumni with the possibility to keep links and create opportunities. Eventually, France Alumni will provide former students with cultural, touristic and economic information on France.

4,500 alumni have already registered and over 80,000 registration requests are currently being processed. With French multinationals such as Total or Veolia signing up, France Alumni is a unique tool for Francophile alumni worldwide to keep in touch with fellow students, French companies and news about France. Alumni will be offered the possibility to create a profile in order to access job offers and internships in French companies online.

Why not you?

With over 600 Irish students going to France every year, Ireland and France have a long and shared history of student exchange. While the system was tried by ten embassies at first, the network has expanded all over the French diplomatic network. The French Embassy in Ireland will have completed the final steps of the programme in May 2015.

Published on 25/02/2015

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