Climathon “Changing the campus climate” : Irish University Students and Climate Actions

Are you studying in Ireland? Then this event is made for you!

Join us for a hackathon on climate that will start in March 2021. Students from all campuses around Ireland are welcomed to examine issues surrounding climate change on campus virtually and to develop and implement solutions to these issues.

We want to have your opinion and hear your ideas around climate.


You will be able to develop deeper knowledge on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, diverse soft skills that will be necessary for your future career and you will also have the great opportunity to network with high calibre people!

We want to have your take on Climate, and every profile is welcomed. You can join as a team, or on your own and we will create a team with students from your campus with a common interest and different skills.

This hackathon will take place over the course of 5 weeks with weekly workshops and mentors from diverse backgrounds to guide you and help you to reach your best potential.

The best part?

You will have the opportunity to present your idea during the “Climate and Community” conference organised by the French Embassy Ireland in May 2021. You will showcase your awesome work to policymakers and climate advocates and try to implement those ideas on your own campus.

Hackathons are an excellent opportunity to learn and meet incredible people.

Students, it’s your time to shine and make the world more sustainable!

This event is part of a Franco-Irish climate project. 5 years after the Paris Agreement and 10 years after the 2030 Horizon and the Sustainable Development Goals were drafted, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted new priorities in the climate agenda. The 2021 Franco-Irish Dublin conference: ‘The Climate and Community’ will bring together various political, economic and cultural stakeholders in May. It will reflect the rise of environmental movements in France and Ireland, and give a voice to young people who play a major role in the call for greater climate action. All Irish universities reached the top 200 of THE 2020 Impact Ranking including 5 of them in the top 100, genuinely contributing to the Irish plan on UN SDGs.

It will allow us to deepen the excellent Franco-Irish relations as France becomes Ireland’s closest EU neighbour in 2021.


Last modification: 19/02/2021

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