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The Embassy of France in Ireland supports Irish technology startups wishing to develop technology transfer, partnerships or a market in France.

You have created a startup based in Ireland from a technological innovation and you want to develop technology transfer, first partnerships in a French culture or markets in France? The Embassy of France in Ireland accompanies you in your first steps.

A selection of events in Paris and across France

In addition to the actions of competitiveness clusters such as Cap Digital, we outline meetings and forums open to startups and technology in this list that we update throughout the year.
- Govtech summit will take place at Paris city hall on 12th November
- Paris open source summit will take place on 5th-6th December

Support in your first institutional contacts in technology

We support you and give you directions in your first contacts with universities, engineering schools, research institutions and competitiveness clusters in France.

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In partnership with Business France in Ireland, you will be able to meet the sector consultant corresponding to your startup for an initial assessment and an exchange on the export strategies that are suitable to you in France.

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With your permission, we will also support you in a partnership with Dublin French Tech community and the France Ireland Chamber of Commerce. They may provide feedbacks on your project and some first contacts on your initiative.

One-time support for your first trip to France

We wish to support as a priority the startups aiming to set up partnership with public research, student centers for innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship and more generally incubators linked to public insitutions or local authorities.

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Members of Dublin French Tech community will also be a priority. Yet, we will try to support all requests regarding the development of technology. In France, links with a competitiveness cluster or a French Tech metropolitan group will be a significant contribution. Lastly, special attention will be given to projects under the Make our planet great again initiative of the French government.

Financial support from the Embassy should be perceived as an incentive, in no case a full endorsement of costs. It will therefore be limited to € 500 on a flat-rate basis and one trip by startup.

Download the application form below:

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Support to innovation and technology transfer - form
Support to innovation and technology transfer - form (Word - 82 kb)

Form to be sent by email to science[a], with the subject "support for innovation".

Published on 19/03/2019

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