Our support for your outreach projects [fr]

You have a project promoting French research and/or French language? Looking for support? Contact us!

The Embassy of France in Ireland supports all year long your scientific outreach projects.

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Outreach & engagement
Outreach & engagement
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Which areas are concerned?

All research domains are concerned, from humanities to exact sciences.
Your project should promote French research, science, education and/or language.
Contact-us for more information: academic[a]ambafrance-ie.org

Specific events

Maths Week

Since 2017, the Embassy of France in Ireland supports a French participation to Maths Week, a festival coordinated by Calmast, Waterford Institute of Technology.
You have a project for Maths Week? Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page !

Science Week

In 2015, the Embassy of France in Ireland developed a partnership with Science Foundation Ireland to promote French research within the framework of Science Week.In 2018, this partnership developed into the first French Festival at Science Week organised in partnership with the Alliance Française Dublin.
Do you have a project for Science Week? Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page !

French Maths Week

Since 2018, the Embassy of France in Ireland supports the organisation of the Semaine des Maths française at the Lycée Français d’Irlande

Other Irish scientific events

Space Week, Engineers Week, ... We are happy to support your projects!
Do you have a project? Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page !

A partnership with the Native Scientist network

In 2018, the Embassy of France in Ireland, through its Network of French scientists NeST, and the Native Scientist network developed a partnership aiming at promoting science in French to a young audience. Since September 2018, workshops have been organised in Cork, in Dublin and in Galway.
Do you wish to facilitate a Native Scientist workshop? Please contact us at : academic[a]ambafrance-ie.org

Other projects

You are organising a conference, or an event of scientific outreach?
Please fill in the form below :

OUR FORM : Application for support to your outreach project

For instance : lecturer, professor, research fellow, research director...

Please specify the network and your username (ex: Twitter Embassy of France to Ireland - @FranceinIreland). We will use this information to advertise about your project.

Past or ongoing

Please specify the years, partners and topics of these collaborations

Reminder: all research fields are concerned, from humanities to experimental sciences. To be funded, project should aim at promoting research and science, and/or French culture and language.

Is your project related to an initiative/festival ?

Name, main features, planned activities, number of events...

Please specify the date(s) following the DD/MM/YYYY format, using a new line for each

Planed or booked. Specify if you are currently looking for a place (the Embassy can help you)

In Ireland, France, or other kinds (SFI, CALMAST, etc...)

Who are you working with within the partner entity

The Embassy provide support from €500 up to €1,000. The funding should encourage leverage effect.

Please specify if you benefit from/have applied for other supports

Anything else we should know?

Published on 26/08/2019

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