Autumn scholarship for French teachers

In the interests of supporting continuing professional development for post-primary teachers of French, the Department of Education and Skills and the Cultural Service of the French Embassy offer this year again a number of scholarships. In 2020, the courses will be hold online during the October midterm. The scholarship is for a 3 days online course with the Alliance Française de Dublin.

The online courses offered have enabled teachers to up-skill themselves both linguistically and pedagogically in addition to affording them opportunities to engage with other Irish teachers of French.

Applications are open until October 19th 2020 - the application form is to be filled online - See link below.


Online training with Alliance Française de Dublin will take place:
- From Tuesday 27th October to Thursday 29th, 2020
For the full programme of the training and module description, please visit the website of the Alliance Française de Dublin

The scholarship from the Department of Education and Skills and the French Embassy covers : Registration fees (100€)

Who can apply?

In order to maximise the benefits of a limited resource through the subsequent delivery of the French curriculum by the teacher in the classroom and the dissemination of best practice with subject colleagues, the criteria for selection are in the following order:

  1. The applicant has a primary degree in French and is fully registered with the Teaching Council.
  2. The applicant has a permanent whole-time position or a contract of indefinite duration (CID) for eighteen hours or more in his/her school or is on secondment from such a position.
  3. The teacher has been teaching for a minimum of four years.
  4. The applicant in a temporary whole-time or regular part-time position has a definite contract of employment for the following year. (Applicants in temporary whole-time or regular part-time positions who do not have a definite contract of employment at the time of application can also apply and be considered once they inform the committee that such a contract has been issued. In the event of the selection already been completed they can be considered for the waiting list).
  5. A significant proportion of the applicant’s timetable is devoted to the teaching of French.
  6. The applicant has not benefited from a scholarship to France in the last four years.
  7. The quality of the personal statement.

How to apply :

Applications are to be filled online until Monday October 19th 2020

Application form : [ ]

For further information please contact:

Published on 13/10/2020

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