Support Convention - Final information form [fr]

This form aims to help us setting up a support convention on the part of the Embassy to your scientifique or academic cooperation project.
Please be aware that this form concerns the applications that were already accepted by our scientific and academic service.

WARNING : You can only fill in this form on the condition that you received an email from us confirming that your application was successfully accepted.

If you haven’t submitted any application yet, please use the dedicated forms in the appropriate sections, and please wait for your application to be considered.

The project

Person who has been exchanging with the Embassy regarding the project

A short depiction of the project which we agreed to support, that will be on the convention

Please remind us of the type of funding we have agreed on

The signatory institution and its representative

Only if the payment will be made to the institution. If the payment if made to a person, please indicate N/A

Or the personal postal address in case the payment is made to a person

The signatory should be the legal representative of your institution. If the payment is made to a person, the signatory is the holder of the bank account

Bank details

IMPORTANT : For administrative reasons, we must ask you to send us a copy of your Bank details in addition to this form. This copy should be a PDF format, and be sent directly to . We thank you for your understanding.

Published on 21/06/2019

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