Science Week 2015

  • 3 French researchers in Science Week 2015

    The Embassy of France in Ireland supported three members of the French Researchers and Scientists Network in their participation to Science Week 2015, which celebrated this year its 20th anniversary.

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  • Everlasting energy!

    For Science Week 2015, Pierre Casaubieilh, French researcher in the MaREI centre in Cork, presents “EVERLASTING ENERGY!”.

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  • Fat Fingers : can a diet improve your precision?

    For Science Week 2015, Johann Issartel, French researcher in Dublin City University, presents, « FAT FINGERS ».

    How accurate are your movements? Is fat at fault?
    “Fat fingers” test your motor skills and investigates into any links between speed, accuracy, age, gender and the body mass index as well as the relationship between perceived BMI and actual BMI.

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  • Light up your future with photonics !

    For Science Week 2015, Pierre Lovera, French researcher in the Tyndall National Institute will present ”Light up your future!”, a workshop on photonics.

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